2011. According to many doomsday theories with the one by the Mayas being the most well known among them, December 21st, 2012, was to be the last day of existence.

Had this been true, it would have been the last calendar you would ever need.

This was an attempt to satirize all the doomsday theories that were everywhere in the media at the time.

So the calendar actually ended on December 21.

Of course, there was a small surprise for the optimists on the back of the calendar.

The calendars were printed by Tind in 2 color variations,

black – red and black – gold, as well as on several variations of paper and other materials.

50cm x 70cm (19.7in x 27.6in). Limited edition, all individually stamped, numbered, and signed by both me and Tind.

The Doomsday Calendar won a merit at the 2012 EBGE Awards in the Self Publication category.

It also inspired another project that came a year later, The Day After Doomsday.