Wolf, Frau Trude and Crow. Personal project, 2010.

Series based on myths & fairy-tales by the Grimm Brothers and Aesop.

Ran as fast as he could, taking the shortest path, and the little girl took a roundabout way, entertaining herself by gathering nuts, running after butterflies, and gathering¬†bouquets of little flowers. It was not long before the Wolf arrived at the old woman’s house. He knocked at the door: Tap, tap.

“Ah, Frau Trude, I was terrified; I looked through the window and saw not you, but, as I verily believe, the Devil himself with a head of fire”.

“Oho!” said she, “then thou hast seen the witch in her proper costume”.

The Crow was hugely flattered by this, and just to show the Fox that she could sing she gave out a loud caw.

Down came the cheese and the Fox, snatching it up, said, “You have a voice, madam, I see: What you want is wits.”