RGB Rental e.K. is a new Berlin based company which offers digital video equipment as well as anything else a filming crew may need for any project, for hire. The main goals were a) to create an image that would stand out and b) to focus on the digital aspect of modern film making.

The first step was the creation of the Pixel symbol. The forms interact with each other imitating the way the RGB colour model works. Their shape is square so that on one hand they look like pixels and on the other like the actual screen diodes that emit the 3 basic colours and make the the display of any digitally reproduced picture possible.

Since true RGB colours cannot be printed, colours that are closer to what we perceive as “true” red, green, blue, etc are used instead. These are the colours that are also used throughout the identity, with the addition of two more, white & black, for backgrounds and the typography.

Futura was selected for its simplicity and geometric characteristics that work well with the symbol and other elements of the identity. The glyphs that make up the name of the company and their spacing were reworked in order to further simplify their forms for the logo.

Since the logo is used in various applications such as stickers of several sizes and shapes, it was further developed into a responsive logo system. The name “RGB” is the only constant out of its four elements (Pixel, Name, Service, Subtitle) with the rest being used depending on what works best for each application.

Main logo versions

(all logo elements used). Horizontal, Vertical & Compact.

Pixel, Name and Service.

Horizontal, Vertical & Compact.

Pixel and Name

(with and without Subtitle).

Verticals & Compacts.

Name and Service

(with and without Subtitle).

Typography only Versions.

Pixel only (negative).

The last element of the identity is a structure that was created directly out of the Pixel symbol. The shapes that make the symbol were taken apart and rearranged into a flexible “frame” that sits on the edge of the canvas that is available for each new application.

The function of the frame is multiple.

Firstly, it carries the identity colours when the Pixel symbol can not be used or is unnecessary.

Secondly, it contains and structures all information within it.

Lastly, it provides all identity applications with further uniformity and coherence.

Most of the identity applications.

Landing page and Instagram profile.

Company store sign.