Ordinary People, Athens. 2008/2009. Identity and interior decoration for Gazaki Bar in Gazi district.

Gazi takes its name from the old gas factory of Athens, built in 1857. Its presence resulted in the accumulation of workers, immigrants and later artists. Today is one of the “big night-life” areas of the city, but the tall chimneys and gas tank frames are still the landmarks of the area.

Wanting to satirize the current state of things, retro images were used in order to create characters that are typical examples of people residing and hanging out in the area. Each one is accompanied by a phrase which serves as its name but also tells a story.

The main character, which was also used for the new logo (designed by Tasos Papaioannou), is a typical example of the kids that used to roam the streets in the days of the gas factory. Clever and street-smart, always eager for mischief .

The complete image is a surrealistic evening scene of the area.

The whole thing was divided into individual pieces and printed onto canvases which were rearranged together on the wall of the main hall of Gazaki Bar.

The idea was taken a step further in the two remaining spaces of the bar, the toilet and a long corridor connecting it to the main hall.

The work was rearranged and applied on every surface, including the floor and the ceiling.

Going in: “The Toilet”

Going out: “Wash your hands, now!”

Girls and Boys.

Inside the Boys’ toilet: “Sir, I can see your behind!”

Inside the Girls’ toilet: “Madame, I can see your behind!”



Magazine ad.

A few months after our work went public, the owner of the bar asked us to expand it. Some more canvases were created, increasing the overall length of the piece.

And also, some more work for the rest of the bar.

Finally, two pieces for the exterior of the bar.