Τhe theatrical play Crentarius negotiates the human search towards the Olon (All & Everything), through the prism of real and non-real, while it visually approximates virtual reality with the use of projection mapping, which consists a fundamental piece of the composition of the play.

Crentarius was conceived and executed by director Adel Sanoussi and the theatrical team Pulse.

Concept art.

My main responsibilities was the creation of the play’s logo, of all print identity applications and the overseeing the creation of the Crentarius website.

The basic image that was created for the identity was a compilation of the faces of the 20 actors.

Series of symbols and custom glyphs designed for various uses.

In order to create a 2nd layer of information which should be invisible to the viewer up until entering the theater, an ink which is visible only under fluorescent light was used throughout the program.

The seating area of the theater was lit with fluorescent light in order for the desired effect to occur.

Several cutting dies were made for the program pages, in order to emulate the surfaces on which the projection mapping takes place.

Poster and flyer.

The Crentarius website.

Press release.

Full spread magazine ad.